Training Details

Training Details

Day Location Time Description
Monday Lyng Hall Track 6:15 pm Seniors’ track session
Monday Lyng Hall Track 7:00 pm Juniors’ track session
Tuesday War Memorial Park 6:30 pm Sprint/speedwork session
Thursday Copsewood club 6:30 pm Warm-up run
Thursday Copsewood club 7:00 pm Main runs (beginners welcome)
Saturday parkrun 9:00 am Not a Sphinx-organised activity but very well attended by Sphinx runners

Monday evening - Lyng Hall

Lyng Hall school is on Blackberry Lane, Wyken, CV2 3JS

The juniors’ session starts at 19:00 and is entirely based on the track at Lyng Hall school - no road-running involved. This is a very popular evening with all kinds of fun and challenging training activities put together by our qualified, supportive and enthusiastic coaches. First-aiders are always present but parents are welcome to stay at the trackside and spectate - many do so every week.

Tuesday evening - Memorial Park

The War Memorial Park is on Kenilworth Road, Coventry CV3 6PG

The sprint/speedwork session starts at 18:30 with a warm-up, followed by an interval session to improve leg-speed, form and aerobic capacity. A warm-down and stretching completes the session. The session takes place within the park, either on paths or grass, and caters for all abilities.

Thursday evening - Copsewood Club

The Copsewood Club is on Allard Way, Binley, CV3 1JP

18:30 - The warm-up run

2.5 miles, starting at the club, around the streets of Wyken and back to the club. Originally conceived for beginners, this is a very popular and social run with many of the seasoned veterans, giving a warm-up and a few extra miles before the main run.

19:00 - The main run(s)

We split up into different groups based on ability, interest and objectives.

  • There’s usually a group that will do an 8- or 9-mile run at a fast pace - anybody is welcome to join in as long as they feel up to it.
  • Others choose to participate in our varied training programmes based around hill repetitions, mile repetitions and fartleks.
  • Others run with a group or two that will do a steady 5 or 6 miles
  • Usually, another group will do maybe 2 or 3 miles at a very comfortable pace.

In general, there is something for just about everybody. Nobody’s obliged to run with the same group week after week - you can mix and match your evenings with us.