Result for the Wirral Way Trail Half Marathon, 07-Jan-2018

Craig Spencer completed this trail half-marathon in cold and sunny conditions.  Results: Pos Name Gender Category Time 267 Craig Spencer m V35 02:11:12

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Results for the Trailffest, 23-Sep-2017

5 Sphinx runners completed this challenging but picturesque trail half-marathon. Jackie Timms completed her fourth Trailffest in a row; Tom Padgett and Katie Timms their second in a row; Mitch returned to running it after having to spectate last year; and Laura Pibworth-Dolinski made her debut and loved it! Thanks to Laura for the pictures and ‘Relive’ video: [embed][/embed] Thanks to Jackie for the following photos: Results: Pos Name

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Results for the Trail Attack 24, 27-28-May-2017

Thanks to Ian Cunningham for the following race report:

Just to let you know that I completed 80km(50 miles) at Trail Attack 24.
The event was in the Heart of England forest and was 10K laps all off road and on trails.
The object to do as may 10k laps as possible in 24 hours.The winner did an amazing 170k and to put that in perspective the second and third runners only managed 130K
The course was very hilly for the first 7k with the last 3k zig zagging through one field with the camp site in site less than a few hundred metres away and the ground was very dry and rutted not ideal for running on and you had to watch your step all the times.

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Results for the Brecon Beacons ultra marathon, 14-May-2017

Imran Ali and Ian Cunningham completed this ultra marathon with ultra elevation!

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Results for the Monsal Trail half-marathon, 26-Mar-2017

Imran Ali and Ian Cunningham completed this off-road half-marathon through the Peak District, starting and finishing at Bakewell.

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Result for the Belvoir Challenge, 25-Feb-2017

Steve Colbourne opted for the 26 mile option of this challenge, around the Vale of Belvoir in Leicestershire.

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Results for the Caythorpe Dash, 12-Feb-2017

Thanks to Mitch for the following report:

Four of us (Andy Mac, Eggman, Jax and me) made the 70 mile trip to the village of Caythorpe in Lincolnshire for an ‘off-road’ half-marathon over the ‘flat’ countryside. An awful day for running with temperatures around 2 degrees, constant drizzle and a bitterly cold easterly wind, from which there was very little protection as we crossed the open fields. The course itself had everything, tracks and trails through copses, ploughed muddy fields, stiles, kissing gates, a stretch right through a church graveyard and probably 3 miles or so on road. We also encountered possibly the only hill in the whole of Lincolnshire, from the top of which we could just about see the Eiffel Tower in the distance! We were encouraged to enter as a team at £10 a head, 2 males and 2 females, with the luscious Steve Colbourne passing as the second woman in our quartet! The entire event was organised by the villagers for the villagers with the locals providing the marshalls and preparing the food at the end with all proceeds going to Caythorpe itself . This was the ‘Winter Woodhouse Eaves’ with a veritable feast at the end – homemade soup (three choices), loads of sandwiches, and, for dessert, a choice of homemade apple pie or jam sponge, both with custard (with no limits, so a certain farmer took full advantage!) and free tea and coffee for all. Pity about the weather and conditions, but still an excellent event.

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Results for the Icing on the Cake trail half-marathon, 04-Feb-2017

Helen King and Laura Pibworth-Dolinski completed this trail half-marathon around the Shropshire hills.

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Results for the Gordano Round Marathon, 12-Nov-2016

Barry and Rachael Allen completed this trail marathon, set in the beautiful Gordano Valley near Bristol – taking in coastal paths, woodland and many beautiful views. Well done to both.

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Results for Trailffest, 24-Sep-2016

Well done to Katie Timms and Tom Padgett on their longest run yet, accompanied by Jackie Timms, with Mitch Timms having to assume the role of spectator (get well soon, Mitch!).

Trailffest is described as:

With the start up in the mountains at 710 feet elevation and the finish down by the sea, it may sound easy – but don’t be fooled! There are some very steep and challenging climbs along the way.

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