Sphinx Mile Relays 2021

Congratulations to everybody who took part in our 2021 Mile Relay event. It was great to see so many runners and clubs taking part. A huge thank you goes out to our organisers, marshalls and volunteers for ensuring the event went smoothly. Below are the team results for each the men’s, ladies, and mixed relays: Mens Results 00:16:34 - Sphinx AC Team 6 – Pawel Langer, Marc Matterson, Sergio Torija 00:16:40 - Coventry Godiva Junior Team 1 – Toby Doy, Dougie Garnett, Euan Hill 00:16:50 - Coventry Godiva Team 3 – Dale, Damian, Mark 00:16:53 - Coventry Godiva Team 2 – Rishit, Clark, Max 00:16:59 - Northbrook AC Team 1 00:17:19 - Coventry Godiva Team 4 – Sam, Matt, Sam 00:17:28 - Coventry Godiva Team 1 – John, Dan, Manveer 00:17:42 - Coventry Godiva Junior Team 4 – Lucas Bennett, Nic Bennett, Nick Hill 00:18:13 - Spa Striders Team 3 – James Hartwright, Dan Robertson, Chris Wilson 00:18:28 - Coventry Godiva Junior Team 2 – Callum Adams, Hayden North, Joel Martin 00:18:37 - Spa Striders Team 2 – Simon Ludford, Paul Kirby, Jason Hemming 00:18:45 - Massey Ferguson Team 2 00:18:47 - Sphinx AC Team 5 – Allan Howling, Kev Naughton, Dave Aberton 00:18:56 - Northbrook AC Team 3 00:19:05 - Sphinx AC Team 1 – Bryan Pears, Boby Hartwell, Dave Brewis 00:19:11 - Sphinx AC Team 7 – Fintan 00:19:16 - Northbrook AC Team 4 00:19:21 - Sphinx AC Team 2 – Wayne Broadbent, Steve Court, Jack Edwards 00:19:28 - Sphinx AC Team 4 – Sam Ward, David Morris-Gamez, Mark Moran 00:19:38 - Northbrook AC Team 2 00:19:58 - Massey Ferguson Team 1 00:20:05 - Coventry Godiva Junior Team 3 – Daren Taplin, Matt, Brent Davies 00:20:09 - Centurion Team 1 00:20:19 - Spa Striders Team 1 – Chris Wilson, Doug Rattray, Simon Ford 00:20:25 - Northbrook AC Team 7 00:20:31 - Sphinx AC Junior Team 1 – Louis Carver, Stanley Wereru 00:21:08 - Northbrook AC Team 6 00:21:24 - Massey Ferguson Team 4 00:21:34 - Northbrook AC Team 5 00:21:41 - Sphinx AC Junior Team 1 – Ben Weatherby, Stephen Hart, James Crowther 00:22:37 - Massey Ferguson Team 3 00:23:18 - Sphinx AC Junior Team 3 – Vihaan Kumar, Kumar Balanath, Craig Robinson 00:23:51 - Sphinx AC Team 3 – Steve Zouch, Craig Pears, Jon Allen Ladies Results

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Results for the Midlands Spring Road Relays, 17-Mar-2018

Thanks to Wayne for the following report: 12 sphinx men and 6 ladies, turned out in horrible condition to run in this year’s SPRING!!!!!! relay, at Sutton Park As you can see from the pictures the club tent became a hobbit house , as we had to lower it to the minimum and put all kit around the sides to stop them ending in Scotland due to the relentless wind, at one point the comment, it was bloody warmer in Norway, summed things up!

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Results for the MCAA Cross County Relays, 21-Oct-2017

Thanks to Wayne for the following report: Sphinx was well represented at this years cross country relay , at Wolverhampton with the men and ladies fielding 2 teams , with Darren and pete making their cross country debut Storm Brian played its part in making the 2 lap course (6 km each per runner ) even more of a challenge with a tough head wind to contend with, also for some had the effects of Friday nights presentation night to also contend with , Thanks to everyone who took part and good luck for the forthcoming xc season starting on Saturday 11th November , Ladies at Coundon park and the blokes are traveling down to Gloucester

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Results for the Midlands Autumn Road Relays, 23-Sep-2017

24 Sphinx runners made their way to Sutton Park to compete in the Autumn Road Relays, with the ladies completing 4 legs and the men completing 6 legs. Photos: Results: Senior Ladies Leg Name Pos Time 1 Victoria Hand 117 00:26:27 2 Caroline O’Brien 106 00:22:11 3 Victoria O’Brien 98 00:22:15 4 Lisa Abbott 89 00:20:40 86 (out of 99) 01:31:33  Leg Name Pos Time 1 FionaQuinn 116

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Results for the Sphinx relays, 06-Jul-2017

There was a great turnout at the 4th annual Sphinx relays, with sunshine, food and a bar, what more could you ask for?

Thanks to all the clubs that put out teams and supported this event, we hope you enjoyed it! A big thank you to all those involved in organising, from setting up the course, registering teams, timing, marshalling etc. as the event wouldn’t be possible without you!

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Results for the Midlands Spring Road Relays, 25-Mar-2017

Thanks to Wayne for the following report:

12 men and 6 ladies ran In the 2017 midland spring relays

After having to call up 2 of the men’s reserve runners last week leaving us with just 1 reserve, incase of a on day change of events , which is exactly what happened with Tony having to step in at last minute ,

Thankyou and well done to everyone for turning out to run for the club in the spring sunshine at Sutton park

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Results for the Warwick University XC relays, 05-Nov-2016

Thanks to captain Wayne for the following report:

A good way to warm up before our 1st xc league race next Saturday, and that is to take on the best that Warwick uni has to offer!!!! Over a 2 mile course around the sports grounds

Well that was the plan till our solitary Sphinx team rolled up and witnessed something called a warm up ( whatever one of them is )

Being carried out by a lot of very fast moving 1921 yr old s

Oh dear said rob fearing an almighty kicking, but then we spotted a more realistic target a full herd of northbrook rolled into view ,

One of Which was well in our sights till the captain on the last leg went well off course and ended up looking at a barn full of sit on grass mowers

( someone needs to by that bloke a map and compass)

Good fun , good sights and good cake what more do you need from a Saturday morning, and no where near Leicester!!!!!

Hopefully we can also get a full herd out next week for the 1st league race at burbrigde common, I will send email out later this week with times and directions

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Results for the XC Relays, Wolverhampton, 22-Oct-2016

Four teams represented Sphinx at these Midlands XC Relays, 2 ladies’ teams and 2 men’s. Thanks to Fiona for the following report, support and photos.

The cross country relays took place at the Aldersley Stadium in Wolverhampton. The weather stayed dry which was great for me as I was spectating but it did mean that the runners got off lightly as there was hardly any mud on the course. The course consisted of two laps with a couple of hills but nothing as challenging as cardiac hill (Leamington cross country course coming soon!!!).

Thank you to everyone who took part in the race and especially Barry, Rachael and Vicki who all chose this one as their first cross country for the team. As Vicki was completing her first lap and shouted over to me ‘I hate you and I hate this course’ (with a smile on her face of course!!!) I thought her cross country time was over at the first hurdle, however by the end of the day Vicki had the cross country bug and was asking about the league races!!!! Vicki – I have already signed you up for them all!!!

If you would like to enter the cross country league races then please do let me know. It doesn’t matter how fast you are, it is just a chance to enjoy the races and they are great team events.

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Results for the Midlands Road Relays, 24-Sep-2016

It was a great team effort both on and off the road as 2 ladies’ teams and 1.8 men’s teams competed against all the other Midlands clubs. The ladies had teams of 4, each covering 4.33km; the men had teams of 6, each covering 5.88km.

Many thanks to those that drove, set up the tent, brought cakes, snacks and beer and contributed to an enjoyable afternoon.

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Results for the Sphinx relays, 07-Jul-2016

A good time was had by all in the 3rd annual Sphinx relays. Thanks to everyone involved, especially the organisers and marshals.

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