Sphinx Virtual Handicap Results - June (Race 2)

Well done to all who competed in the second instalment of the Sphinx Virtual Handicap Series. Much like last month, runners were made to choose between racing in blistering heat or torrential rain! Despite that, 53 runners crossed the line - a great turnout. First over the line was Vickie Hand, knocking an impressive 2:37 off her time from last month. Chasing Vickie was Matt Mold in second place, improving on his May performance by 3 minutes!

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Sphinx Virtual Handicap Results - May (Race 1)

Well done and thank you to all who took part in the inaugural Sphinx Virtual Handicap. The event was a rousing success with 55 runners crossing the finishing line. Conditions were tough as competitors were forced to choose between running in heat or a hurricane, but in spite of that many of our athletes recorded impressive personal bests! A baffling number of runners managed to crossed the line at the exact same time giving the organiser a considerable headache with allocating position points!

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Results for the Barrow Boxing Day handicap race, 26-Dec-2017

9 Sphinx AC runners/family/friends completed this Boxing Day race, with runners setting off at differing times according to ability. Results: https://www.barrowrunners.co.uk/event-calendar/boxing-day-handicap/ Race position Chip time position NAME Chip Time 142 33 James Abrams 00:41:24 215 34 Andy McIntosh 00:41:46 202 53 Narinder Bains 00:44:20 151 71 Mitch Timms 00:45:43 140 78 Jane Edwards 00:46:20 170 147 Thomas Padgett 00:53:56 128 180 Philippa Abrams 00:57:08 29 197 Katie Timms 00:58:48 219

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2017 Handicap Series Winners

Thanks to Jackie Stuart for list of winners: *Ron Wagstaff Trophy* The Ron Wagstaff Trophy couldn’t have been closer. Rachael and Andy Mc both had the same number of points from the runs, the difference was Rachael completed all six runs and Andy completed five. _Name_ _Grandborough_ _PB Est Pos_ _Brinklow_ _PB Est Pos_ _Monks Kirby_ _PB Est Pos_ _Frankton_ _PB Est Pos_ _Corley_ _PB Est Pos_ _The Greenway_ _PB Est Pos_

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Results for the Greenway h/c (6 of 6), 10-Sep-2017

The final race in the club summer handicap series was held on Sunday, 10th September. First over the line was a guest - Charlotte Harris, other half of birthday boy, Al Harris. The first Sphinxie over the line was Darren Harriott, and the nearest to their predicted time was Mitch. We also had a couple of juniors, Annie Carberry and Lacey Abbott, completing the five mile race. Well done to everyone, fine performances throughout.

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Results for the Corley h/c (5 of 6), 03-Aug-2017

Thanks to Jackie for the following report:

52 runners including 5 guests. It was good to see so many members there, even if we don’t always know if we’re coming or going!!

At one point it became rather manic at the finish line, as 5 or 6 runners crossed the line at the same time as a truck. If anyone has any queries about the results between position 25, Rachel, and position 35, Amarjit, please let me know.

Thanks Jackie

The final race in the handicap series is on Sunday, 10th September at The Greenway, Burton Green.

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Results for the Birdingbury h/c (4 of 6), 29-Jun-2017

Thanks to Jackie Stuart for the following report and results:

Well the threatened rain stayed away while the 4th handicap race was underway. 43 runners started, with 42 finishing, which included 2 guests and 1 junior.

The race by won by Andrew White, for the 2nd time this season. Fastest man was Rob Wheatley and fastest female was Catherine Gough who was squeezing a quick run in, between graduating on Wednesday and going on holiday on Friday. The beauty of this race is that after starting everybody off, we can watch you all pass us about halfway round. It is amazing to see how much the gap has decreased by the last to first starters.

The next race is on Thursday 3rd August at Corley.

Thanks to Chris and Wayne for setting out the course and everybody who marshalled.

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Results for the Monks Kirby h/c (3 of 6), 01-Jun-2017

Thanks to Jackie Stuart for the following report:

Another glorious night for race 3 at Monks Kirby. This is the shortest of the runs at 4.9 miles and also, quite possibly, the fastest route. This was proved by the fact that, of the 58 runners, 44 ran quicker than the handicapper’s time.

Other stats:

5 guests

1 junior

52 seniors

11 within 40 seconds of handicapper’s time

14 within 40 seconds of own estimated time

14 over handicapper’s time

44 under handicapper’s time

On the night Mark Moran was first over the line in a time of 35:45 followed by first timer Vicky Brewin. Fastest man was Rob Wheatley in 29:49 and fastest lady was Laura Duggins in 37:23. Closest to estimated time was Paul Gocher – 1 second (I also was only 1 second out. At least I managed to get one of the times correct, thank goodness!)

Thanks to Chris and Wayne for setting up the course, and to all the marshals and helpers on the finish line. The next race is at Birdingbury on the 29th June. I hope you are all looking forward to that hill!

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Results for the WRRL Ryton 5, 25-May-2017

34 Sphinx runners took part in the third race in the Warwickshire Road Race League. It was also Sphinx’s designated 5-mile handicap race, as Jackie Stuart describes:

New members may not be aware of our one-off handicap races. The 5 mile run at the Ryton 5, the 10 mile run at the Rugby 10 and the half-marathon run at Kenilworth. The handicapper predicts times for all members and whoever beats the predicted time by the most is the winner.

Only 6 runners managed to beat the time set by the handicapper, and it was very close. Pete Fahy beat the handicapper by the most – 42 seconds with Collette O’Keefe in 2nd position – 41 seconds. It was an extremely hot evening and this may have affected many runners’ times, it certainly affected mine!!

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Results for the Brinklow h/c (2 of 6), 04-May-2017

Thanks to Jackie Stuart for the following report:

The first of the Thursday night handicaps saw 51 runners take part at Brinklow. The evening started off quite warm, but for those of us standing around it soon felt very cold.

The first person to cross the line was one of two guests, Joanne Bass. The second person over the line, and winner of the handicap, was Fiona Quinn. The fastest runner was Rob Wheatley in a time of 33:42 and the fastest female was Lisa Abbott in 41:22. Wayne was closest to his estimated time.

Thanks to everyone that marshalled.

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