7 miles

Result for the Shepshed 7, 06-Nov-2016

James Abrams completed this race near Loughborough, describing it as:

2 lap off road trail run,mainly on concrete but a bit of grass and bridleway terrain

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Results for the Pattingham Bell’s run, 09-Oct-2016

Rachael and Barry Allen completed this unique 7-mile single lap course starting and finishing in the South Stafforshire village of Pattingham, across Crown Estate and country side. The race is in aid of St. Chad’s Church, Acorns Children’s Hospice and Midlands Air Ambulance.

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Result for the Gaddesby 7, 22-May-2016

Mitch has filed the following report:

It seemed strange going to Gaddesby (home to the infamous Gaddesby Gallop) in the middle of summer, but I had high hopes for this event (the 2nd race of this year’s Leicestershire Road Race League), primarily because it was only my 2nd 7-mile race ever and I was starting to fantasize about Personal Bests n’ stuff…..

Three factors soon put paid to that whimsical notion:

a) the Leicester Alps (mile 2 required ropes and crampons)

b) the temperature, and

c) a complete lack of motivation – I didn’t know a single other runner there, so had no-one to try and beat and no-one to try and catch. There wasn’t even anyone from my ‘other’ club, S.D.R.R. (that’s South Derbyshire Road Runners by the way, not sex, drugs and rock and roll!).

So, a pleasant jog in the sunshine came to pass. Nice scenic route though, well-organised and a draw-string bag at the finish (I’ll use it to put all my other draw-string bags in J) made it just about worth it.

No photos as Jackie did not accompany me and my 2007 ‘Nokia 2310’ doesn’t do piccies (well it might do but I don’t know how to work it yet).

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