Results from Frankton Handicap 28-Feb-2010

By Rob | February 28, 2010

It was cold, it was wet and for some of us it was a bit hard to find (you know who you are!).

A three mile handicap or “pace race”, where we estimated our finish times and the winner was the person closest to their estimate.

Time Name
1 19:30 Craig Pears
2 20:19 John Hunt
3 20:31 Trevor Clark nearest to estimated time
4 20:43 Nick Gilkes
5 21:22 Barry Burrows
6 22:17 Phil Wilson
7 22:47 Dave Kelly
8 23:11 Bern Blundell
9 25:04 Bob Torley
10 27:43 Paul Bergin

In addition to these finishers, there was another runner who wishes for their result to remain unpublished.