Results for the Welcombe Wobbler (10k) & Welcombe Trembler (5k), 15-Oct-2016

By Rob | October 18, 2016

Well done to Colin Piper, Wayne Broadbent and James & Pip Abrams on completing this off-road race, with James finishing 2nd in the Trembler. These races are an excellent opportunity to get mud on your shoes ahead of the cross-country season, with the option of a trembler of 5km or a wobbler of 10km.



Pos Name Time Gen Pos
16 Colin Piper 00:44:43 11
21 Wayne Broadbent 00:47:05 16


Pos Name Time Gen Pos
2 James Abrams 00:21:12 2
22 Pip Abrams 00:31:23 15