Results for the National XC Championships, 25-Feb-2017

By Rob | February 28, 2017

Thanks to Wayne for the following report (next year’s Nationals are likely to be at Parliament Hill, London):

8 sphinx and 2 ladies competed in this years national xc at Wollaton park ( Nottingham ) , with over 1000 in the senior ladies race (8km) over 2000 in the senior men’s (12km),

meant for a challenging day, with most of the course a combination of a swamp and a bog snorkelling event ,

With Allen achieving his pre race target of becoming a top 1000 finisher crossing the line in 1000th place ,

Due to injury Rachael was not able to run but top supporting points acheived ,

A great day out

Photos by Imran:

2017 National XC Champs (photos by Imran Ali)


Pos Time Name
566 0:44:42 Susan Gough
744 0:53:09 Victoria Hand


Pos Time Name
990 0:55:03 Rob Wheatley
1000 0:55:15 Allen El-Sour
1256 0:58:56 James Abrams
1279 0:59:31 Wayne Broadbent
1427 1:01:55 David West
1484 1:03:22 Barrie Adams
1514 1:04:06 Barry Allen
1627 1:08:28 Imran Ali