Results for the Gayton 10k, 22-Jan-2017

By Rob | January 23, 2017

Thanks to Mitch Timms for the following report:

Not always that keen on races hosted by ‘Event Companies’ rather than recognised running clubs, but this wasn’t bad at all. If you are familiar with the EMGP Blisworth 5, read on, otherwise the next sentence will be absolutely meaningless. The course started and finished exactly where the Blisworth 5 commences, i.e. at the farm buildings, but instead of running downhill into Blisworth then uphill out again, you pick up the EMGP route right outside the farmyard, follow the same road until Gayton, then, instead of turning left, you take a right and do a complete anticlockwise circle north of this village before returning, and then turning right into it to pick up the last 4kms of the EMGP route. Hilly, frosty but sunny and a very well organised event with a medal at the end – and you could buy a t-shirt with all the runners’ names on it for £15 (no thanks!). The one unusual facet of the race – and a running first for me – was that the kilometre markers counted DOWN to the finish – this proved to be disconcerting initially, but a little bit more motivational (though not too much) once you were in the second half.

PS – By the way, today’s 5K event was won by 2016 Olympian Laura Whittle in a time of 16:45!


Pos Name Time Gender GenPos Category CatPos
91 Jackie Timms 0:55:31 Female 28 50-59 6
92 Mitch Timms 0:55:31 Male 64 50-59 9