Results for the Bells of Pattingham, 11-Oct-2015

By Mitch | October 13, 2015

Wallace Wayne and Gromitch Timms – A Grand Day Out

The skipper asked the vice-skipper if there was anything off-road coming up that he could use as training for the forthcoming xc season. The captain of men’s vice said that the Bells of Pattingham run sounded quite “appealing” (get it?) and so it was that we made our way up the M6 and M54 to the village of Pattingham, a few miles north of Wolverhampton. We both took our passports as both our navigation skills do leave a lot to be desired, to say the least. Fortunately we were in fine form on the directions’ front and the closest we came to the coast was the sign for North Wales. The run itself was a cracker; 7 miles off-road, through fields, on tracks and trails and a bit on road, with plenty of undulations to keep us both ‘happy’. Perfect weather for running too, cool, dry and no wind. An unusual finish though, in so much as at the 5 mile mark, you could actually ‘hear’ the finish as the church bells were ringing 2 miles away in the distance and, psychologically, you were lifted on the run-in as the bells got ever closer and louder. Just one small point, I just wish they’d get these off-road events measured a bit more accurately – as you can see from the captain’s photo, the distance from the start line to the finish line certainly doesn’t look like it was 7 miles! Oh, and just for the record, Wallace comfortably beat Gromit to claim the alternative ‘Captains’ Trophy.

Photos courtesy of Wayne:

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Pos Name Time
72 Wayne Broadbent 00:54:58
183 Mitch Timms 01:02:00