Results for the Banbury 15, 22-Mar-2015

By Mitch | March 22, 2015

Nice run through the Oxfordshire countryside today for eight of our members. Perfect conditions for it too. No breeze, no rain, cool to start, warming up later, but never too uncomfortable temperature-wise, which is more than can be said for the course itself. A pan-handle rural route, with tough hills at 3, 8 and 12, but I suppose what goes up must come down, though you never really appreciate or remember those bits do you? The only ‘disappointment’ was the low turn-out this year, probably due to the Warwick Half just down the road. Finallly congratulations to Fi, who today completed her longest ever road race, great preparation for next week when she runs her longest ever road race – again!

Photos at about 9.9 miles, courtesy of  Barry Cornelius. More photos can be found at or

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Pos Time Name
65 01:50:31 Bryan Pears
67 01:50:55 Colin Taylor
83 01:54:50 Phil Wilson
98 01:58:05 Mitch Timms
105 01:59:54 Craig Pears
167 02:19:07 Monika Ciezarek
182 02:23:37 Jackie Timms
199 02:35:54 Fiona Quinn