Results for the Ashbourne half-marathon, 03-Jul-2016

By Rob | July 6, 2016

Mitch has provided the following dramatisation:

One of the hardest half marathons Jackie and I have ever done, but also one of the most scenic. Take a look at the course profile and you will see why:

Overall a very well organised event in the Derbyshire Dales, in good running conditions, with a mug and a medal to show for our effort; all professionally hosted by our ‘sister’ club Ashbourne Running Club, take a look at their kit!

Here’s what the Sphinx runners had to say about the race:

Dave West: the ‘Nike’ compression socks (in club colours) that Mitch sold me were fantastic, and ensured excellent blood flow to the calves.

Kevin Dick: those ‘Nike’ compression socks (in club colours) that Mitch sold me are the best piece of running kit I’ve ever bought and an absolute bargain at just £15 a pair!

Laura Duggins: wish I’d bought a pair of those ‘Nike’ compression socks (in club colours) off Mitch, then I might just have overtaken Dave on the run-in L

Jackie Timms: it’s a shame that the only two pairs of those ‘Nike’ compression socks (in club colours) that Mitch has left are in size 10 to 11.5, but I’m sure someone will snap them up at the bargain price of just £15 a pair (r.r.p. £25)

Final mention and congratulations to Laura Duggins who, despite the lack of ‘Sphinx’ compression socks, finished 4th overall in the Senior Female Category in an excellent time of 1:48:19.


2016 Ashbourne half


Pos Name Time Category Cat Pos Gender Gen Pos
52 Kevin Dick 01:44:28 M Sen 18 Male 46
70 David West 01:48:02 M Sen 24 Male 62
72 Laura Duggins 01:48:19 F Sen 4 Female 9
194 Jackie Timms 02:20:17 FV40 25 Female 55
195 Mitch Timms 02:20:18 MV50 44 Male 140