Results for the 30th Anniversary Relays, 03-Jul-2014

By Rob | July 5, 2014

Teams from Massey Ferguson, Northbrook, Godiva, and the Netball and Rugby sections at Copsewood joined us for our 30th Anniversary relays evening. Good fun was had by all – during the relays themselves and, afterwards, when food and drink were consumed. A huge thanks to everyone that supported the evening, and those that organised the event.

Gallery courtesy of Janine Miles:

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SPHINX JRS Emma Handley, Rachel Downing, Anna King, Millie Reading 27.20
SPHINX Hannah Downing, Catherine Gough, Sian Downing, Sue Gough 27.32
SPHINX Lorraine Kenning, Karen Timothy, Tracey Higgins, Mary Bench 29.20
SPHINX Amy Frank, Pibbers, Chrissy, Helen 29.32
MASSEY LADIES Cathy, Anne-Marie, Tiffany, Carol 29.52
NETBALL LADIES Elvis, Tiger, Panda, Dotty 31.43


NORTHBROOK Deavy, Lumsden, Wheeler, Deavy 20.46
NORTHBROOK Hodge, Booker, Shepherd, Miller 22.12
SPHINX Ash, Dorota, Nick, Joanna Malagocka 22.13
SPHINX Sue Gough, Michael Gough, Catherine Gough, Wayne 24.09
SPHINX Mitch, Andy McIntosh, Jane Edwards, Lizzie Fort 25.18
MIXED Ian Wilkinson, Anne-Marie, Carol Martin, Andy Wilkinson 25.39
NORTHBROOK Clare, Gemma, Liz, Bob Adams 26.19
SPHINX Lorraine, Paul Kenning, Dave Kelly, Tracey Higgins 27.49
SPHINX Karen Timothy, Mary Bench, Mick George, Tony McCarroll 28.09
SPHINX Chrissy, Wendy, Elizabeth, Louise 29.30
SPHINX Pacharo, Steve C, Garry C, Steve O 29.40
MASSEY Andy Cutting, Emma Cutting, Steve Damms, Jane Damms 31.08
SPHINX Pete Hall, Julie Hall, Gaynor, Julie 31.51
MASSEY Cathy Keay, Catherine Benn, Michaela Eyley, Rob Eyley 32.18
RUGBY SECTION Alan, Pip, Lucy, Kip No time, unfortunately


GODIVA Ed Broadberry, Seb Jones, Jack Villette, Dan Villette 19.07
GODIVA Tom Hopkins, Tom Cox, Dave Freeman, Alfie Meade 19.53
SPHINX Ian W, Andy w, Rob Wheatley, Paul Slatford 20.50
SPHINX Mitch, Kev Naughton, Wayne, Ash 22.19
MASSEY Simon, Martin Judge, James, Richard 22.43
SPHINX Steve C, Myles, Trevor, Simon Leisten 23.10
SPHINX Darron, Bryan, Pete Fahy, Craig 23.28
SPHINX Greg Spencer, David West, Darren Hallet, Pete Morgan 24.16
NORTHBROOK Damian, Spencer, Chris, Martin G 24.43
SPHINX Andy, Dave K, Paul K, Hammy 25.04
RUGBY SECTION Sean Noone, Darrell Manger, Russ Spivey, Pete Manger 25.18
SPHINX Alan Patrick, Narinder, Finton, Will 25.33
SPHINX Andy Hayles, Andy McIntosh, Mick George, Tony McCarroll 25.38
SPHINX Mark Moran, Andy Dolinski, Gerry Anstiss, Matt Timothy 25.44
SPHINX Garry Capell, Colin Piper, Tom Marchi, Garry Barnes 26.08