Results for Midland Cross Country Relays, 22-Oct-2011

By Rob | October 22, 2011

Eleven Sphinx AC runners took part in this cross-country relay event. Conditions were dry and bright but a bit on the blowy side!

Official results are here (PDF file):

The men’s “A” team finished 9th overall in a total time of 1:27:36:

Ashley Miles 0:20:30
Tom Delaney 0:22:31
Mark Smith 0:22:29
Alex Keenan 0:22:06

The men’s “B” team finished 19th overall in a total time of 1:44:53:

Trevor Clark 0:24:52
Dave Kelly 0:28:47
Bern Blundell 0:26:28
Kev Naughton 0:24:46

The women’s team finished 7th overall in a total time of 1:18:14:

Lucy Smith 0:25:31
Sophie Edge 0:28:27
Mallory English 0:24:16

Photos are here (more to follow):