Results for Coventry Ring Road Race, 10-Aug-2013

By Rob | August 10, 2013

Nine Sphinx AC runners participated in this novelty event, racing against various types of bicycles on the closed-to-traffic inner loop of Coventry Ring Road.

The course was 2.1 miles and pitted runners against quite a variety of pedal-powered vehicles. Amongst them were a Sinclair C5, vintage racing bikes, delivery bikes (with wicker baskets), an ice-cream bike, penny farthings etc.

Whilst the conditions were good on the day, the ring road isn’t as flat as you may think! Not only was this a race between runners and bikes, a condition of entry was that runners were expected to complete the course in under 15 minutes – in the event, all club runners did fulfil this requirement.

Official results haven’t yet been posted online but have been verified as final and accurate and have been circulated to representatives of the clubs involved.

21 11:26 Kyza Derby
22 11:31 Ian Wilkinson
24 11:51 Quentin Henry
26 11:53 Tom Delaney
27 11:54 Andy Wilkinson
30 12:12 Paul Slatford
35 12:49 Wayne Broadbent
36 12:50 Colin Piper
46 14:39 Bernard Blundell

Gerry Anstiss has provided us with some great shots:

Photo taken by Jason “Mr. ParkRun” Douglas and used with permission.