Results for Coventry, Leamington and Braunstone (Leicester) ParkRuns, 13-Oct-2012

By Rob | October 13, 2012

Coombe 8 promotional activities saw Sphinx AC runners participating in various events today.


17 Sphinx AC runners/family/friends ran this weekend, with no first-timers and 4 PBs.

Official results are here:

9  Paul Slatford    18:17  SM30-34   71.38%    9  PB stays at 18:12   18  Pete Hall        19:07  VM40-44   73.06%   18  PB stays at 19:06   21  Adam Morrissey   19:32  JM15-19   70.14%   21  New PB!   55  Chris Rouse      22:04  JM14      64.27%   51  PB stays at 21:43   64  Catherine Gough  22:28  JW15-19   67.28%    5  PB stays at 21:51   90  Susan Gough      23:43  VW45-49   67.60%    9  PB stays at 23:30  108  Gerry Anstiss    24:33  VM55-59   64.77%   94  PB stays at 22:12  116  Rachel Downing   24:55  JW14      65.35%   16  New PB!  119  Owen Ashby       24:59  JM14      61.24%  103  New PB!  134  Ben Rex          26:03  JM14      55.66%  112  PB stays at 23:54  158  Kaye Davison     26:43  VW45-49   60.01%   31  PB stays at 26:39  164  Fiona Quinn      26:53  SW25-29   55.05%   34  New PB!  165  Laura Pibworth   26:53  SW25-29   55.05%   35  PB stays at 24:37  166  Mitch Timms      26:54  VM50-54   56.63%  131  PB stays at 20:17  236  Tom Marchi       30:45  VM70-74   58.05%  158  PB stays at 25:44  253  Sian Downing     31:40  VW45-49   51.16%   89  PB stays at 28:40  261  Maggie Morgan    32:08  VW45-49   49.90%   94  PB stays at 29:39


1 Sphinx AC runners/family/friends ran this weekend, with no first-timers and 1 PB.

Official results are here:

23 Wayne Broadbent 21:24 SM30-34 60.98% 20 New PB!

Braunstone (Leicester)

1 Sphinx AC runners/family/friends ran this weekend, with 1 first-timer and no PBs.

Official results are here:

37  Bernard Blundell  21:52  VM40-44   63.87%   31  First Timer!  

This is a really nice and friendly event, with around half the runners normally seen at Coventry. The course is two non-identical loops within Braunstone Park on the west side of the city. It starts off a little bit crowded and twisty but quickly opens into a large area which is long, straight and downhill. At the bottom of the hill the course goes right, twists over a footbridge and towards a pond. Another twist and it’s past another pond, through a car park and back onto park paths. The first lap requires a quick right turn up a sharp-ish slope which seems to get steeper the farther you ascend! The second lap is mostly the same as the first but avoids the initial twists and the second uphill ascent feels more gradual.

The organisers were magnificent – very accommodating with my requests to hand out Coombe 8 entry forms – but I had to do an (unexpected) public announcement at the start! Luckily, my stooge (Corinna from Northbrook) was [co-incidentally] amongst the runners today and jovially asked pertinent questions about t-shirts and soup.

It took me 35 minutes to get to the event from the Radford district, so those on the eastern side of Coventry would probably take 25-30 minutes on a quiet morning. Despite it being a 5k run, I’d say it’s worth the occasional trip if only to stop familiarity with Coventry breeding contempt.

The only downside that I could see to the event was there were no toilets – but there is a sports centre about half a mile away if you need the executive facilities. There is also no shelter, so on a rainy day, any bags or outer clothing would definitely get wet (so bring bin bags).