Results for British Masters road relays, 12-May-2012

By Rob | May 13, 2012

Eight Sphinx AC men and four Sphinx AC women took part in this year’s British Masters’ road relays at Sutton Park.

Each leg was a whisker under three miles, with a challenging uphill stretch pretty much straight out of the starting gate. The uphill stretch ended with a turn into a forceful headwind, which followed with some moderately undulating paths. After dodging the cows at mile two, the route was mostly through tree-lined road before the final turn into the home straight, which is frustratingly uphill back to the start/finish/handover area. Weather conditions were warm and sunny.

Official results are here (PDF):


Leg 1 Tracey Higgins 25:45
Leg 2 Lorraine Gordon 25:24
Leg 3 Julie Cozens 27:16
Leg 4 Jackie Stuart 23:19
13th team, overall time 1:41:44

Leg 1 Ashley Miles 15:54 (20th fastest time)
Leg 2 Justin Smith 17:16
Leg 3 Andrew Lovelock 17:51
Leg 4 Pete Fahy 19:08
Leg 5 Kev Naughton 19:21
Leg 6 Mitch Timms 20:25
Leg 7 Bernard Blundell 20:48
Leg 8 Mark Coyle 19:26
19th team, overall time 2:30:09

Ash took some great photos:

Results supplied/summarised by Jackie Stuart