Results for Banbury 15 14-Mar-2010

By Rob | March 14, 2010

Nine Sphinx AC runners ran this “undulating” but very scenic course.

Hills, hills and more hills! It was a good morning out in very favourable conditions (it was a bit windy though!)

Official results are here:

 <tt>13 1:30:41 <span style="background-color: Lime;">Ashley MILES</span> Sphinx AC Senior Men<br /> 75 1:47:08 <span style="background-color: Lime;">Trevor CLARK</span> Sphinx AC Vet Men 50+<br /> 97 1:50:29 <span style="background-color: Lime;">Bryan PEARS</span> Sphinx AC Vet Men 40+<br /> 103 1:51:58 <span style="background-color: Lime;">Stephen COURT</span> Sphinx AC Vet Men 40+<br /> 114 1:53:39 <span style="background-color: Lime;">Pete FAHY</span> Sphinx AC Senior Men<br /> 127 1:55:44 <span style="background-color: Lime;">Mark COYLE</span> Sphinx AC Vet Men 40+<br /> 159 1:59:32 <span style="background-color: Lime;">Rob ANDERSON</span> Sphinx AC Senior Men<br /> 217 2:06:17 <span style="background-color: Lime;">Dave KELLY</span> Sphinx AC Vet Men 40+<br /> 234 2:08:52 <span style="background-color: Lime;">Bernard BLUNDELL</span>* Sphinx AC Vet Men 50+</tt>
  • The man in the vest was Bernard Blundell but the offical results mis-spelled his name as “TORLEY, Bob”