Result for Woodley ParkRun, 25-Dec-2012

By Rob | December 26, 2012

Laura Pibworth represented Sphinx AC at this Christmas day ParkRun in Woodley, Reading, and she WON the ladies’ race!

Official results are here:

30  Laura Pibworth  25:43 SW25-29 F  1  Sphinx AC  First Timer!

Laura said:

Superduper pleased with this result because I was the First Lady (yes yes I know, only 60 runners and not really in the spirit of Xmas, but it’s unlikely to happen again!!)

It was a pretty flat, 3 lap course, half of which was around a football pitch (off roaders needed!), jumped through an ankle deep puddle three times, cheered on by kids!

Excellent fun for all the family!

Pictures to follow at some point!

Well done that woman!