Result for Milton Keynes ParkRun, 30-Jun-2012

By Rob | June 30, 2012

Two* Sphinx AC runners/family/friends ran this weekend, with 1 first-timer and no PBs.

Official results are here:

79= Bernard Blundell 24:01 ( 7:45/mile) VM40-44 58.15% 74
79= Plantar Facsciitis 24:01 ( 7:45/mile) VM40-44 58.15% 74

This ParkRun is nearly as big as Coventry’s. There were really not very many people there until just a few minutes before the start, then people started to appear from all directions. The organisation was quite informal, just like Coventry, but lacked any finish desks so it was unclear to a newcomer (like me) where to go at the end.

The course itself is really very scenic, making a clockwise lap of Willen Lake (the one with the pagoda) in Milton Keynes. The route is entirely on path but I chose to run on the grass due to my heels. The route is mostly flat but there are a few minor slopes and quite a stinger about half-way around – this requires ascending steep path in zip-zag formation with about six 180° turns. This feature would probably deny somebody looking to better a Coventry- or Brueton-based PB. Having said that, the winner – who holds the course record – ROMPED home in 15:19, finishing two minutes ahead of his nearest rival. It’d be interesting to see what he could do on a flat course!

With it being a large, single circuit, there is little in the way of support on the course itself but the runners taking part were quite friendly and chatty. The venue itself required paid-for car parking, which is a little sad but overall this is definitely a recommended ParkRun if you’re ever in the district.

  • Well, one, really. Mister Fasciitis was on my heels (literally) all the way around but I managed to beat him. I have a feeling this could be a drawn-out rivalry!