XC league race 3

January 15, 2019

For the 3rd race in the league Both Sphinx men and Sphinx Ladies were competing at the same venue at Churchfields farm Droitwich , conditions were dry and hilly. The men’s team missing quite a few runners due to injury /illness came in 9th place out of 20 teams and have dropped to 8th place overall.  Full series results are on the Birmingham xc league website Well done to Kathryn 7th and  Dave for another stand out performance finishing in 6th place and has a real opportunity to finish on the overall podium at the last race on Saturday 9th February at Crypt School ,Gloucester. Ladies are also racing at this venue . race details will be the week before

Kathryn Stuart 7th 27.16

Ann Mosby 46th  29.47

Laura Pibworth -Dolinski   78th 31.30

Lisa Abbott 103rd          33.04

Rachael Allen   117th 33.41

Sue Gough        138th 34.40

Jackie Timms    142nd 34.59

Vickie O’Brien   148th 35.41

Helen king          164th 36.39

Sarah Goodland   201st 39.16

Jackie Stuart       210th    39.48

Francis Pronzola   214th  40.34

Vickie Hand           225th  42.40

Sally Anne Tully    266th  48.57

Dave Brewis 6th  37.41

Allen El-Sour  40th  41.31

Sergio              66th     43.17

Rob Wheatley   91st   44.44

Ian Gower        106th     45.41

Allan Howling  112th 46.04

Barry Allen        128th  46.48

Craig Robinson 136th   47.05

Bazza Adams     188th 47.05

Kev Naughton  189th   50.05

Dave West         191st 50.16

Wayne Broadbent 214th  52.05

Lucian Morgan 220th 52.20

Nick Gilkes  244th 54.36

Mitch timms 252nd 56.27

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