Summer Mob Match Results (Final Round)

August 3, 2020

Thank you Kevin for organising another fantastic virtual mob match, and for his below write-up. An email has been sent out to all seniors with more detailed series results.

Firstly, thank you to each and every one who gave up their time and ran. Without us all running, there simply is no competition.

Here are the results for the Summer edition:

Northbrook AC - 43 runners - 62.06% average age grade
Sphinx AC - 28 runners - 64.01% average age grade WINNERS
Massey Ferguson RC - 41 runners - 60.25% average age grade

Now onto the overall series;

4 individual races taking part over the 4 seasons saw 603 5km runs taking place. 136 of those belonging to Sphinx.

Unfortunately, due to circumstances half of these races were not at our ‘favourite’ park on a Saturday morning at 9am. This in turn not allowing to fully complete the PB column.

So, the overall series result…

Northbrook AC - 265 runners - 62.05% average age grade
Sphinx AC - 136 runners - 63.18% average age grade WINNERS
Massey Ferguson RC - 202 runners - 58.69% average age grade