Spring Mob Match Results (Round 3)

May 18, 2020

Thank you Kevin for organising this virtual competition with our fellow Coventry clubs, and for his write up below. Also, a big thank you and congratulations to all Sphinx runners who took part and won us yet another Mob Match!

Firstly, thank you all who took part in out parkrun mob match and running your little socks off!

With ages ranging from 9 to 66 (I’ll let you guess who that may be), it shows the broad range of people we have in the club.

Between our 38 runners, we had 24 men and 14 women take part which isn’t a bad split, but let’s try and make it 5050 for the next one! Maybe even Jack becomes Jackie Edwards ;-).

The average age of participants was 41 for the males (Young Alex brought that down by a couple of years) and 39 for the females. The full breakdown is below:

Age Bracket - Runners
Under 18 – 2
18 to 29 – 3
30 to 39 – 13
40 to 49 – 13
50 to 59 – 6
60 to 69 – 1

Now down to serious business of the results:

Northbrook AC - 84 runners – 63.43% average age grade
Sphinx AC - 38 runners - 64.75% average age grade WINNERS
Massey Ferguson RC - 63 runners - 57.96% average age grade

Congratulate yourselves, fellow Sphinxes, for another glorious Age Grading win .

A few notable shouts.

Two juniors with very respectable age grades joined the adults. Awesome running kids!

It may or may not surprise you that:

  • Top female age-graded runner was Jane Edwards, keeping the form that won her the parkrun Cup last year.
  • Top male age-graded runner was Dave McLean, showing us youngsters (relatively speaking) how it’s done.
  • Fastest female was the ever-present little pocket rocket, Ann Mosby with 20:27
  • Fastest male was Captain Jack with a time of 16:36. Must be the shoes… surely? or pizza? or that he has taken up cycling?

Thanks again for the blood, sweat, sick, tears (or was that just me!?!) and hard yards (5468.07 of them).