Offa's Dyke 15

June 16, 2019

Write up from Mitch

A really nice, picturesque15 mile route along the England/Wales border was totally ruined by the harsh, inconsistent cut-off times imposed by the organisers. We hit the 7 mile deadline (1 hour 30 minutes at 13 minutes a mile) at 1 hour 33 minutes to be told by the marshal “I’ll let you go, but you won’t make the 10-mile cut-off!”. To say we were angry was an understatement – the 10 mile cut-off was 2 hours, so they were expecting you to do the next 3 miles at 10 minutes a mile, 3 minutes a mile quicker than our first seven! The run was completely spoiled from that point on, with clock-watching replacing the beautiful scenery on offer. Ok, we were 10 minutes late for the second deadline, but we ran straight through; we were beyond caring at that stage. Never will we do Tempo Events again!

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