Mens XC league race

November 21, 2018

Thanks to Wayne for the write up and results  

So with the ladies set of on their way at 1.30, the attention turned to sphinx men to start getting ready for the new xc league season, 22 blue and gold slowly leaving the tent just as the heavens opened, as per Clark of the course Bergin instructions to spice things up allitle, after health and safety!!!!!! Withdrew the technical section through the woods, who would of thought there would be tree roots in the woods !!!! The race was over 3 laps, the starter goes off, and the captain leaves the start line like a scolded cat going around the first corner in about 10th place, leading out Dave brewis for his fantastic 4th place finish. Hopefully there is a podium finish in the season for dave We are currently in 7th place out of 21 teams 72 points behind the team in 6th place, in order to build on the solid start we need as many out racing for the other 3 league races, recovery post race ale will be at the nearest pub to the finish line for next 3 races. Thankyou and welldone for everyone that took part in the first race at Coundon Park Race 2 is on Saturday 1st December at plock Court Gloucester, details to come closer to the event Good luck for the rest of the season

  Dave Brewis    4th      32.31 Jack  Edwards 35th   35.24 Allen El-Sour   40th    35.36 Sergio Torjia    70th    37.00 Nigel Timms    83rd     37.27 Rob Wheatley  84th    37.28 James Abrams  85th    37.28 Paul Slatford     114th  38.31 Allan Howling    120th  38.55 Colin Piper          137th  39.37 Craig Robinson    143rd  39.56 Barry allen           145th    40.00 Ian Gower            146th     40.00 Dave Wilis                168th            41.00 Wayne Broadbent  180th            41.46 Bryan pears              190th    42.12 Mark Moran             202nd    42.49 Antony O’Brien        205th      43.01 Steve Court               227th     44.17 Lucian Morogan       228th      44.18 Barrie Adams            232nd   44.32 Phil  Wilson                251st      46.17   Team is currently in 7th place out of  21 teams   B team is in 6th place out of 11 teams