Hilly Hundred results

June 22, 2018

Race update from Fiona

The race is made up of 10 legs, with each runner completing 10 miles!! Unfortunately this year due to some injuries we were unable to have two complete teams run on behalf of Sphinx so instead we decided to just have the mixed team run.

All the legs definitely live up to the name of the race and are very hilly…….. well apart from the first leg. I was regretting putting my name down for the first leg of this race when my alarm went off at 3.30am but by the time myself, Helen and Laura had driven to Stratford for the 5am start I was ready to go!!! I finished my leg and then took over the driving from Helen whilst Laura ran her leg and then Helen completed leg 3. This race is a great event and even though you are running along country roads and don’t see many people it is great to have the support from the others runners in the car in front of you. This race is down to timing and we managed to co-ordinate that all the runners were at the start of their legs in time to take over from the previous leg. Well done to everyone who took part. If you have not taken part in this race before then give it a go next year, this is a great team event. Results from the day are.. Total hours - 15:35:41 Fiona - 1:34.40 Laura- 1:35.10 Helen - 1:49.30 Alex - 1:13.27 Vicky - 1:42.56 Paul S - 1:14.32 Ellie - 1:33.15 Paul G - 1:33.11 Mitch - 1:30.25 Jackie - 1:44.55