Hillly Hundred 2019

June 4, 2019

As the name of the race suggests this is a hilly one. The event starts at 5am, 6am, or 7am at Stratford Town Centre, we chose to go for the 5am start. Therefore myself and Helen set our alarms for 3.30am and made our way to Stratford. As we were on our way to start our race we saw people only just getting home from their night out……………. we must have been mental to be on our way to a race at that time of the morning. Although it is an early start it is well worth it as the race is good (but tough) and the atmosphere between the teams is really motivating. Our results are as follows Fiona 1:36 Helen 1:52 Laura 1:48.46 Mark 1:28 Sergio 1:06 Allan 1:10.36 Craig 1:19.14 Kev 1:16.06 Jackie 1:40.39 Mitch 1:35.30 [gallery ids=“10916,10917,10918,10919,10920,10921,10922,10923,10924,10925,10926,10927”]