Birdingbury Handicap results

July 29, 2018

On an extremely hot evening, 43 people arrived at the start for the 4th race in the 2018 series. Thanks to everyone that helped on the night, particularly Jane and Andy Mc. who were finding out what was involved. First over the line was Allan Howling, running as a guest. First club member was Andrew Timothy, who was one of only about 3 people that ran close to the time I had estimated. I think the heat affected most people‚Äôs times with the majority choosing to run sensibly, particularly up the hill. Fastest man was Allen El-Sour and fastest lady was Ann Mosby. Closest to their predicted time was Mark Norman. Some of the times may differ to those seen on the night as there was a small discrepancy. It should be all correct now but if anyone notices any errors please let me know. Jackie FASTEST TIME ORDER TIME Allen El-Sour 00:31:25 Pawel Langer 00:31:47 Jack Edwards 00:32:56 Pete Fahy 00:33:54 Allan Howling 00:35:18 Michael Gough 00:36:09 Craig Robinson 00:36:47 Dave McLean 00:36:52 Bryan Pears 00:37:16 Kevin Naughton 00:37:31 Stuart Banbrook 00:38:20 Ann Mosby 00:38:21 Lucian Morogan 00:38:41 Mark Norman 00:39:27 Wayne Broadbent 00:39:58 Lisa Abbott 00:40:31 Tony O’Brien 00:40:59 Fintan McSharry 00:41:04 Steve Court 00:41:19 Narinder Bains 00:41:32 Mark Moran 00:41:32 Eleanor Davies 00:41:55 Al Harris 00:42:10 Laura Duggins 00:42:10 Sue Gough 00:42:23 Andy Wilkinson 00:42:24 Andrew Timothy 00:42:55 Ian Cunningham 00:43:08 Paul Gocher 00:43:44 Sam Ward 00:44:32 Craig Pears 00:44:56 Karen Timothy 00:45:16 Collette O’Keefe 00:45:19 Vicki O’Brien 00:45:22 Rachael Allen 00:46:10 Clare Taylor 00:47:17 Graeme Smith 00:48:37 Vicky Brewin 00:49:50 Fiona Quinn 00:51:00 Tom Marchi 00:53:29 Victoria Hand 01:05:37 Sally-Anne Tully 01:08:29 Thank you to Dave Timothy for the following photos