It’s finally happened…

By Rob | June 7, 2012

After two-and-a-half years of faffing around and feeble excuses, Pete Hall has FINALLY become a fully paid-up member of Sphinx AC!

It was Pete that got me (Bern) to join Sphinx. In late 2009, I ran Coventry Half Marathon, then Coombe 8, then Massey’s Christmas “pace race” and felt that I was ready to join a running club. Pete was a well-established member of Massey’s but recommended that I joined Sphinx and that he would come over and train with us as the C&NW was literally at the end of his road.

I took the plunge one cold and dark evening in January 2010 but Pete had to cancel at the last minute. I even blogged about it at the time!

Well one missed week turned into two, which turned into three and so on and so on. Two and a bit years later, Pete’s sister starts dragging him down to the club and he finally agrees to join!

So, tonight, after more than two years of badgering, mocking and chipping away, we can FINALLY say a huge WELCOME to Pete Hall, Sphinx AC runner.