Sphinx AC social events

The Wobblers

Social gatherings are organised from time to time. The ‘rules’ are as follows:

·        Free entry

·        Mainly off road

·        Fast flowing start, but rapidly ‘downhill’ towards the finish

·        The Wobbler follows a scenic and well trusted route

·        ‘Pacers’ available initially, just for the beginners

·        Frequent drink stations, not suitable for ‘spikes’

·         ‘Very hot’ food at the finish (if you make it)

·        Hot (Indian) towel to all finishers

·        Pending AA licence (think about it!)

The Wobbler is open to ALL wobbling abilities and we would love as many new and beginner wobblers as possible to wobble with us.

Over 50’s welcome but please bring your carer

Please note there is a cut-off time of 5 hours.  If you are still standing by this time, you may complete the event; otherwise disqualification will result.

The Annual Bluebell Run (usually April)

This is a guided run out to Brandon Woods when the bluebells are in full flower. Our guide will be local historian Steve ‘The Eggman’ Colbourne who has in depth knowledge of the local area.