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Membership Form

Photographs are likely to be taken at events the club participates in. These may be reproduced in the club newsletter, on our website, or on our club social media pages. In accordance with our Child Protection Policy, we will not allow photographs, videos or other images of young people to be used by Sphinx AC without the consent of parents/carers.

By signing up as a senior member of Sphinx AC, you agree that you will be registered as a member of England Athletics. To do this we will provide England Athletics with your personal data which you can access via their online portal. We will not share your personal information with any other organisation.

Medical Form


In the event of an emergency and the athlete being considered to be in need of medical treatment whilst in the care of Sphinx Athletics Club, I agree that the officers of the club should authorise such treatment on my behalf. I understand the above action would only be taken if I were unable to be contacted or could not be present.