AGM news

By Rob | April 5, 2014

Our AGM was held on the 27th March, and here is message from our new Chairman, Paul Bergin.

Hello All – just a few lines to thank Richard Bagley (yes, and the other one!) for all the hard work that he put in as both the Chairman of the Club, and also the Handicap Secretary.

Either of these roles on their own are time-consuming and to do both required considerable commitment on Richard’s part.

To perform both roles as successfully as Richard has done is testament to his commitment and some of the difficulties that Richard steered the Club through as Chairman should not be underestimated.

Thankfully, Richard is continuing in his role as Handicap Secretary which has led to the Club’s Race Series developing into something really outstanding.

Thanks Richard.

At the AGM, Darron Handley and Myles Davies suggested that a little bit more planning might help the Thursday evening training sessions to be more enjoyable and are putting some ideas together to present to the membership very shortly. One of the elements will be members volunteering to be points of contact for different sessions.

Alongside that, Fiona Quinn has volunteered to be the initial point of contact for the Thursday “beginners and warm up” session which she would like to start promptly at 6.30pm so that people will then have more time to consider their options for the 7.00pm session.

Watch this space!


The Committee page has been updated, as has the Contact us page. If you would like to discuss the AGM, or any club matter, then please speak to one of the committee.