Sunday morning “long run”

The weather was cold – it’d just stopped snowing – but it was dry and safe underfoot. Lungfuls of icy-cold air certainly wake you up on a Sunday morning.

Six of us left the club car park at 09:30 and we headed out towards Binley, then down Willenhall Lane/St James Lane and towards Tollbar Island. We went down Brandon Lane all the way to Brandon, then in true Scooby-Doo style, we split up. The guys training for the London Marathon headed off into the great unknown, and Paul Kenning, Bob and I headed back towards Binley Woods.

When we got back to civilisation, Paul nipped off up Clifford Bridge Road, past the hospital and back to the club via Ansty Road and the forum. Bob Torley and I just came back directly along Binley road, which was a total trip of 11.0 miles, which was nice.

Paul’s diversion through Walsgrave-on-sea took his run up to 12.9 miles (he did a lap around the cricket field to make it 13.0 miles) and the hard-core crew ran something like 16.0 miles – I’d need some details off them to confirm and plot their route.

All in all, a very nice start to a Sunday morning and everybody is welcome to join in – the pace is gentle enough and there is no obligation to do a HUGE distance.

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