Results for the Weedon 10k, 23-Jun-2015

Firstly, from the Sphinx book of excuses for missing this event we have:

From Dave West, “I’m saving myself for Saturday”

From Laura Pibworth-Dolinski, “I’m moving house in 2 weeks and need to do some packing”

From Luke Makins, “I’m moving house in 2 weeks and need to do some packing”

Yes, the Weedon 10k is a toughie, but it is not a geographical paradox, so what goes up must come down and, although you will need crampons, a rope and an oxygen tank to get to the top, from 8 kms you just have to hope that your parachute (or your reserve) opens for the descent into the village.

In the race itself Andrejs again performed magnifiently, finishing 3rd overall with a 10k PB to boot!
Course debuts for Lisa, Laura, Mary and Andy Mc and we wish them all a speedy recovery.

Finally, next week (Tuesday 30th June) is the last EMGP race of the series and probably the least interesting (and furthest away) of all eight races in the competition. However, it would be great if we could get a good crowd of us there to support and congratulate Andrejs, who is destined to win a series award for his outstanding performances throughout. So, if you do fancy coming along, meet at the club at 5.30 p.m. (note earlier time) for car share.



Pos GenPos CatPos Name Cat Time
3 3 3 Andrejs Blakunovs MS 35:18
58 54 33 Rob Wheatley MS 40:13
125 108 55 Wayne Broadbent MS 44:40
157 135 8 Mitch Timms M55 46:48
164 142 24 Andy McIntosh M45 47:12
196 165 12 Paul Cozens M55 49:17
233 45 7 Mary Bench F50 52:00
242 49 10 Jacqueline Timms F45 52:42
243 194 35 Peter Morgan M45 52:42
244 50 15 Laura Duggins FS 52:52
257 56 17 Lisa Abbott FS 53:49
264 60 10 Karen Timothy F50 54:45
299 223 81 Jamie Richards MS 57:32

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