Results for the Warwick University XC relays, 05-Nov-2016

Thanks to captain Wayne for the following report:

A good way to warm up before our 1st xc league race next Saturday, and that is to take on the best that Warwick uni has to offer!!!! Over a 2 mile course around the sports grounds

Well that was the plan till our solitary Sphinx team rolled up and witnessed something called a warm up ( whatever one of them is )
Being carried out by a lot of very fast moving 19/21 yr old s

Oh dear said rob fearing an almighty kicking, but then we spotted a more realistic target a full herd of northbrook rolled into view ,

One of Which was well in our sights till the captain on the last leg went well off course and ended up looking at a barn full of sit on grass mowers
( someone needs to by that bloke a map and compass)

Good fun , good sights and good cake what more do you need from a Saturday morning, and no where near Leicester!!!!!

Hopefully we can also get a full herd out next week for the 1st league race at burbrigde common, I will send email out later this week with times and directions

Photos courtesy of Tim Nunan:

2016-Warwick-Uni-XC-relays (photos by Tim Nunan)


Leg Name Time
1 Colin Piper 0:12:13
2 Dave West 0:13:35
3 Rob Wheatley 0:12:05
4 Wayne Broadbent 0:13:57

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