Results for the Leeds Half-Marathon, 08-May-2016

Mitch has provided the following report:

So, so proud of my daughter Katie (and her boyfriend Tom) on completing her first ever half-marathon today; all the more so because conditions were at their worst, with blazing sunshine, a serious lack of shade, temperatures touching 25 degrees and not a breeze in sight. And the route itself was,,,,, well, if you like running around ring- roads and through housing estates and have an intense dislike of the colour green, it was ideal, otherwise…. However, the advantage of such a course was easy access and good vantage points for the spectators, and the good folk of Leeds came out in their thousands to watch and cheer. Indeed, we have to thank one local resident who kindly allowed all four of us to access her lavatory – albeit in her flat at the top of three flights of stairs! A better one of the ‘big city’ halves with excellent organisation throughout, great support en route and a nice medal, loud t-shirt and decent goody bag at the finish, Pity the course itself was so uninspiring, but you can’t have everything I suppose…..

2016-05-08 Leeds half-marathon

Pos. Name Gun Time Chip Time Chip Pos. Gender Gender Pos. Cat. Cat. Pos.
5546 Thomas Padgett 02:52:11 02:31:53 5476 Male 3469 M 1514
5547 Katie Timms 02:52:12 02:31:55 5478 Female 2078 F 1100
5549 Mitch Timms 02:52:12 02:31:53 5475 Male 3470 M55 152
5550 Jackie Timms 02:52:13 02:31:55 5479 Female 2080 F45 204

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