Results for the Broadmeadow Good Friday Marathon, 18-Apr-2014

3 Sphinx AC runners completed this off-road, self-navigating, festive event.

Review (and results) courtesy of Men’s Captain, Mitch Timms:

Nice way to spend a Bank Holiday this: 26.2 miles off-road, self-navigating around the Warwickshire countryside. Well, 27 if you get lost, which I managed to do fairly early on. Two different loops, 13 miles apiece, starting and finishing at Stratford Cricket and Sports Club. Tracks and trails, woods and copses and the odd bit of road made for a very pleasant and varied run., Plentiful feeding stations en route with squash, water, cakes, crisps, cream crackers(?), raisins, dates and the odd bottle of cider! Definitely a ‘social’ event this and a thoroughly enjoyable one too, with completion the aim of the game. Perfect running conditions. Time, just for the record, but a complete irrelevance, was 5 and a half hours plus. The legend, that is Eggman, came in at 4 hours 14 minutes closely followed by Tracy Avill in 4 hours 17 minutes. More food at the end – and more cider too! As I say, a perfect start to the Easter weekend.

Steve Colbourne 12 Sphinx AC 122 9.00AM 04:14:13
Tracy Avill 17 SphinxAC 18 9.00AM 04:17:39
Mitch Timms 68 Sphinx AC 54 8.15AM 05:32:46


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