Results for Sphinx AC General Knowledge Quiz, 04-Jun-2010

Twenty seven Sphinx AC ‘runners’ spread across thirteen teams took part in this undulating event in extremely warm conditions.

In a very close battle, the ladies team (The Spice Girls) took 3rd place behind Bern, Ashley, Janine and Theresa’s team (Six Below Zero) but the overall winners were Ben Orme‘s Hillie’s Heroes. Paul Bergin and Dave Kelly‘s team – Pauline’s Fallen Over Again – started off at a great pace but faded badly (no change there then Bergs!).

Official results are here (Total points 160):

1 Hillie's Heroes 121 points Ben Orme
2 Six Below Zero 120 points Bernard Blundell, Theresa Mason, Ashley Miles, Janine Miles
3 The Spice Girls 118 points Jackie Timms, Heather Barrett, Maggie Morgan
4 Hoof Hearted 117 points Helen Rathbone, Tracey Higgins
= Two Missing 117 points Paul Cozens, Julie Cozens, Jamie Cozens, Simon, Jane?
6 JR squared 114 points Richard Bagley, Jackie Bagley, Jackie Stuart, Robert Stuart
7 Tigers - The Name's Not Important 112 points Helen Delaney, Pete Delaney, Edward Delaney
= Pauline's Fallen Over Again 112 points Paul Bergin, Dave Kelly
9 The All Blackes 96 points Trevor Clark
10 Why Are We Here? 90 points
11 Sonic the Hedgehog 85 points
12 Dumb and Dumber 74 points Bob Carey, Jo Carey
13 The Misfits 73 points

Thanks to Tracey Higgins and Helen Rathbone for ‘marshalling’

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