Results for Rugby 10, 23-Oct-2011

14 runners represented Sphinx AC in the final race of the Warwickshire Road Race League at Rugby.

Official results are here:

Collin Taylor 1:10:17
Martin Judge 1:11:35
Trevor Clark 1:11:57
Kevin Naughton 1:11:58
Steve Court 1:15:16
Luke Makins 1:16:44
Barry Burrows 1:17:21
Ian Hamilton 1:17:54
Andy Norton 1:20:36
Paul Kenning 1:20:46
Bernard Blundell 1:22:02
Bob Torley 1:35:29
Tracey Higgins 1:36:32
Heather Barrett 1:48:17

Sphinx results supplied by Richard Bagley

Some photos (more may follow):

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