Results for Race The Train, 20-Aug-2016

Garry Barnes, Pete Fahy and Craig Pears were all hoping to beat the train in this unique event, described as:

Race the Train takes place alongside as far as practicable the route taken by the Talyllyn Railway on its journey to Abergynolwyn and back. In order to do this all courses use a mixture of public roads, lanes, un-metalled roads, tracks, agricultural land, and rough grazing pastures. The terrain varies all the time and can be very wet & muddy in places, the routes also ascend and descend quite steep terrain and runs on narrow footpaths with little chance of overtaking. Often the Train, or for many runners the track, is just over the fence and in many places if you coincide with the train your family friends, if they are on the train, will be able to shout encouragement to you.


GunPos GunTime Forename Surname ChipPos ChipTime Beat
98 01:45:02 Garry Barnes 97 01:44:57 Y
214 01:55:35 Peter Fahy 216 01:55:28
659 02:32:57 Craig Pears 662 02:32:50

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