Results for Oldbury 10 mile (BMAF), 03-Oct-2010

Ian Gower represented Sphinx AC in this 10 miler, which was part of the BMAF championships.

Official results are here:

57 316 Ian Gower Ages 45-49 Sphinx AC 01:06:24 01:06:20

Ian Gower contributed this report:

Well after an early start and a swim down the M5, me and Pippa arrived at Oldbury-on Seven for my Race. The course was described as “rural and flat” which, in fairness, it was most of the time but mother nature had decided that rain and a blustery day was needed. So at 10:30 myself and the rest of the field set off, the decent runners were soon little specks on the road. True to form, I went off way too fast first mile in 05:40 – “will he ever learn?”, I hear Paul B saying. Anyway, 66 minutes later, a Sphinx runner that resembled a drowned rat crossed the line much to the amusement of Pippa whose look said it all. With no showers or changing facilities, I grabbed my rewards (one twix and a banana) and slowly walked the half mile back to the field to get our car. My debut in the Masters 10 mile was complete.

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