Results for Northbrook “The good, the bad & the ugly”, 15-Aug-2012

Seven Sphinx AC runners ran as guests in this light-hearted relay race. Teams of three runners, all of different abilities, ran this 3.2-mile course which included the horrible slope in Hawke’s Mill Lane. Teams were handicapped or advantaged, depending on their abilities.

Official results are here:

6 Ashley Miles 17:31
Janine Miles 29:51
Mitch Timms 22:13

Total run time 69:35
Handicap +02:00
Result 71:35

13 Fiona Quinn 30:38
Amy Frank 28:23
Wayne Broadbent 22:28
Total run time 81:29
Advantage -06:00
Result 75:29

15 Mark Dalton 24:35
Andrew Ralph 22:05
Bernard Blundell 24:47
Total run time 71:27
Handicap +06:00
Result 77:27

A few pics are here:

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