Results for Midland Women’s XC, 10-Jan-2015

11 Sphinx ladies braved the wind and mud to compete in the 3rd of 4 cross-country league fixtures. International experience was evident as Jess Judd and Chrissie Wellington were part of over 300 competitors.

Catherine was first counter for Sphinx in 90th position, and the team moved up two places in the division edging ahead of Centurions. Well done, ladies.

Photos courtesy of Joanna:

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Pos Time Name
90 00:31:03 Catherine Gough
156 00:33:46 Dorota Brynkiewicz
181 00:35:16 Susan Gough
202 00:36:48 Joanna Malagocka
213 00:37:14 Jacqueline Timms
286 00:42:21 Helen King
294 00:42:55 Jackie Stuart
304 00:44:19 Victoria Gockelen
308 00:45:01 Tracey Higgins
313 00:46:32 Christine Thomas
317 00:48:11 Pacharo Chinamulungu

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