Results for Hooky Christmas Canter, 16-Dec-2012

11 Sphinx AC runners took part in Hook Norton Harriers’ festive race in the heart of the Oxfordshire countryside.

Pos  No.  Time   Name                Cat 16  794  48:39  Quentin  Henry      SM  27  798  51:12  Mark     Coyle      MV40 38  816  54:10  Kevin    Naughton   MV50 41  789  54:32  Philip   Wilson     MV50 44  807  54:52  Luke     Makins     SM  54  799  57:12  John     Timms      MV50 77  802  61:16  Wayne    Broadbent  SM 100  830  65:43  Bob      Torley     MV50108  801  66:50  Jackie   Timms      WV45115  797  68:34  Laura    Pibworth   SW 125  788  70:43  Amy      Frank      SW

Mitch said:

“This is a cracking off-road event with a nice combination of trail, field and road. Garmined at 6.75 miles, an out and back course with a testing uphill section early on, muddy fields to traverse, a narrow bridge to negotiate and electric fences to step over! Congratulations to Monsieur Quentin on his 16th position overall; imagine where he would finish if he ever buys himself a decent pair of off-road shoes…. Mulled wine and mincepies in the clubhouse afterwards, “parfait”, as the Frenchman would say.”

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