Results for Hatton 5, 30-Sep-2012

Nine Sphinx AC runners ran this delightful off-roader at Hatton Country World.

Official results are here (PDF, may suffer from link-rot):

012  Quentin  Henry     M.Open  33:21021  Luke     Makins    M.Open  35:48024  Myles    Davies    M40-50  36:09025  Darron   Handley   M40-50  36:13031  Mitch    Timms     M50+    38:44055  Bob      Torley    M50+    43:45062  Laura    Pibworth  F.Open  46:11072  Amy      Frank     F.Open  48:49079  Fiona    Quinn     F.Open  53:26

Additionally, Daniel McKeown, who has been attending our training evenings recently, did very well indeed:

004  Daniel   McKeown   M.Open  30:59

Yet again, we are eternally grateful to Colin Underhill, who has furnished us with some great photos:

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