Results for Gloucester Marathon, 22-Jan-2012

Mitch and Jackie Timms represented Sphinx AC in this uninspiring marathon.

Mitch says:

This was one of the most tedious, soul-destroying races we have ever done. Two two-mile laps to start with followed by three seven mile laps. A 50k ultra event was being held simultaneously (four more laps of the same) so the course resembled spaghetti junction at times. That apart, well organised, moderately flat, only a couple of hills (well 2 x 3) and ideal weather. Not cheap though, £30 with just a medal and a cure for insomnia to show for it

Official results are here:

172 426 Mitch Timms Sphinx Ac M50 03:50:54
289 425 Jackie Timms Sphinx Ac L40 04:27:53

Results supplied by Mitch Timms

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