Results for Cotswold Marathonn, 19-Feb-2012

Mitch and Jackie Timms represented Sphinx AC in this hilly marathon in the Cotswolds.

Official results are here:

45 876 Mitchell Timms Sphinx AC M50 03:53:57
86 877 Jackie Timms Sphinx AC L40 04:25:14

Mitch says:

Another multi-lapper in the heart of Gloucestershire.

Now I like a nice Cotswold stone wall as much as the next man, but once you’ve seen one, you really have seen them all…….

Cold and snowing on the way down. Tough, hilly, lonely and boring course. 3 laps of approximately 9 miles. Put it 3rd hardest ever though behind Beachy Head and Snowdonia.

Still, sub 4 and 3rd M50, so can’t complain. Jax equally happy, under 4 and a half and 5th “lady of a certain age”.

2 down, 10 to go. Bring on Charnwood.

Highlight of the day: the efficiency of Ford’s ABS which prevented me from obliterating a kamikaze pheasant out for a casual Sunday stroll out in the middle of nowhere.

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