Results for Centurions Grand Prix, 04-Dec-2011

9 Sphinx AC runners ran the second of this year’s series, with two prize* winners! Conditions were quite blowy and a number of us were running on tired legs, having been at the Northampton XC the previous day.

Official results are here:

14 Luke Makins 32:43 M Sphinx AC
26 Quentin Henry 35:01 M Sphinx AC
37 Mitch Timms 36:01 MV50 Sphinx AC
43 Bernard Blundell 37:23 MV40 Sphinx AC
71 Jackie Timms 41:43 FV40 Sphinx AC
81 Laura Pibworth 42:57 F Sphinx AC
84 Paul Cozens 43:11 MV50 Sphinx AC
85 Jackie Stuart 43:21 FV55 Sphinx AC
100 Julie Cozens 48:21 FV45 Sphinx AC

* in the raffle!

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