Results for Centurions’ Grand Prix, 03-Nov-2013

15 Sphinx AC runners took part in the first of this year’s six races, with Ashley Miles and Kyza Derby winning prizes for their performances.

A number of Sphinx runners ran today just a week after running the toughest race of their lives (to date!) – Beachy Head Marathon. This wasn’t made any easier by the conditions, which were blowy, to say the least! Within two minutes of starting, it started raining and the (infamous) wind down the back straight was quite tough to contend with.

The course this year is back to its traditional route, which is flatter and faster.

Tragically, Sphinx were unsuccessful in the post-race raffle, having been pipped to the prizes by newcomers, Spa Striders.

Official results are here (PDF):

Pos Name Time Cat
2 Ashley Miles 28:48 MV40
5 Kyza Derby 29:52 M
22 Rob Wheatley 33:09 M
35 Trevor Clark 34:30 MV54
55 Andrew McIntosh 36:48 MV40
64 Bernard Blundell 37:44 MV40
68 Paul Cozens 38:33 MV55
74 Nigel Bassnett 39:02 MV45
83 Steven Osmond 40:26 M
93 Mark Moran 42:46 M
104 Amy Frank 43:45 F (5-mile PB)
111 Gerry Antiss 44:52 MV60
118 Fiona Quinn 47:18 F
119 Christine Thomas 47:20 FV40
126 Janine Miles 51:00 F

Julie Cozens took some great shots, despite the wind and rain!

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