Results for Centurions’ Grand Prix, 03-Feb-2013

Sixteen Sphinx AC runners took part in the fourth of this season’s five-mile races, with Quentin Henry and Laura Pibworth both winning cash prizes for taking 4th place in their respective categories.

The conditions were clear and dry but pretty windy, making the back straight tough going. The temporary course is still in use – this adds a few twists, slopes and patches of rougher terrain, all of which negatively affect times. On a brighter note, Fiona Quinn and Martin Judge both helped Sphinx AC’s return to form in the raffle department!

Our friend from Northbrook, Lynne McDonald, was first lady home.

Official results are here (PDF):

8 Quentin Henry 30:29 M
16 Kyza Derby 31:53 M
27 Trevor Clark 33:29 MV50
36 Ben Orme 34:50 MV55
39 Wayne Broadbent 35:33 M
41 Martin Judge 35:46 MV55 (Massey Ferguson RC)
48 Nigel Bassnett 37:12 MV45
54 Bernard Blundell 37:56 MV40
70 Paul Cozens 41:00 MV50
72 Laura Pibworth 41:23 F
75 Peter Haughton 41:55 M
83 Jackie Stuart 42:23 FV55
84 Karen Timothy 42:49 FV50
86 Mary Bench 43:18 FV50
90 Fiona Quinn 43:46 F
92 Amy Frank 43:57 F
97 Christine Thomas 45:46 FV40

Julie Cozens got some great snaps:

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